Scientific Research License Application

Scientific Research License Application

The following is an excerpt from the CNMI Division of Fish and Wildlife regulations governing Scientific Research Licenses:

Subsection 85-30.1-205 Scientific Research License

(a) Purpose

The purpose of the scientific research license is to gain access to research data, acquired in the CNMI, for use in resource management.

(b) Persons Requiring License

(1) A person conducting research on wild or feral animals in the CNMI, or on captive populations of such animals, which involves the capture, handling, collection or harassment of fish or wildlife, must have a scientific research license unless excepted by this section.

(2) Research conducted by a team requires that only the team leader(s) have a license if:

(i) The team leader is always during field studies.

(ii) All other members of the team are under the team leader's direct supervision.

(c) Issuance of License

(1) Upon applying for the license, the applicant must provide a written statement including names and addresses (permanent and CNMI) of all the team members, description of research plan, approximate duration of the research, and any anticipated support (transportation, equipment, personnel participation, etc.) that might be requested from the CNMI government, and fee of $10.00.

(2) Prior to issuing the license, the Director shall analyze the benefit of the particular research to the CNMI and determine whether it exceeds any potential harm to the resource involved.

(3) The license may be issued only upon agreement by the license holder that a complete report on the results of the research (including data collected) will be submitted to the Division within one year from date of license issuance. The license may be conditioned by the Director to fulfill the obligations of the Division and the regulations in this subchapter.

(d) Exemption from Regulations

The Director may exempt license holders from specific requirements of this section provided that the Director specify the extent and duration of the exemption in writing and that this information accompany the license holder at all times that licenses activities are being undertaken.