Aquatic Education

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The Aquatic Education section of the Division of Fish and Wildlife serves to educate the people of the CNMI through various outreach opportunities. Through school presentations, we are given the opportunity to reach out to the primary, secondary, and tertiary students in the CNMI. With these presentations, we will be able to increase and improve their understanding of ways to preserve aquatic life forms and their habitats for future generations. Providing educational outreach to the CNMI student community will contribute, at all levels, to future generations of CNMI citizens fundamental knowledge of aquatic resources, a transparent understanding of the activities of the DFW and how those activities mesh into the broader goal of sustainable use, and encouragement to pursue careers in fisheries science. Although educating students in the CNMI is a major component of our Aquatic Education program, our outreach extends beyond the classroom to include everyone within the community. We seek to provide outreach opportunities that will increase the community's knowledge and understanding of ways to better manage resource sustainability.

Presentation Topics

More presentation topics will be added throughout the year.


Presentations can usually be made on-site with 2 weeks advance notice. Please use this form to request a presentation for your classroom or organization.